Pistol Beginner


Price: 550€

No Gun License Needed
Length of the course: 2 days / 12-14 hours
Number of participants: 6-12
Time and Meeting point: 8am. Nove Mesto nad Vahom, SLOVAKIA

Our price includes:

  • Instructors (former members of special forces units)
  • Ammunition 500 rounds (9mm Luger)
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 2x lunch at range
  • Equipment (pistol – Glock 17, eyes protection, ear protection etc.)
  • Transfer from hotel to the shooting range

Are you complete novice with weapons?
Doesn’t matter – here is what you get:
Course description and objectives

Starting with handgun mechanics and necessary safety procedures, soon you will starts with basics of defensive shooting.

From static single shots this course progresses fast to dynamic shooting all the way to multiple targets shooting.
A large number of these drills are conducted in a form of real scenarios designed to create stress factors so you can challenge yourself.

Towards to the end of 2nd day you will undertake the practical exercise with personal feedback from Instructors.

If you pass, you might get the certificate of completion…


*In case of group (min 6 persons) we can arrange other date.
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Content of course

  • Familiarization with weapons used during the course
  • Safety check
  • Disassembling and reassemble of weapons
  • Positioning of equipment and weapon systems
  • Position/ shooting position
  • Ready position
  • Immediate reaction
  • Draw
  • Weapon aiming on the target
  • Different positions target shooting
  • Combat focus
  • Speed reload
  • Weapon malfunctioning
  • Tactical reload
  • Situation evaluation
  • Multiple target shooting
  • Shooting check and evaluation/ area check
  • Shooting and movement

Link to Video – Pistol Beginner course