Pistol Level 4 – Defensive pistol shooting in high crisis situations

Time and Meeting point: 8am, Nove Mesto nad Vahom
Length of the course: 2 days / 12 hours
Number of participants: 6-12

Course is available for civilians and law enforcement officials.
Course is available only for participants of Pistol Level 2 – Safety and tactics in defensive shooting (Pistol – Beginner 2)

Price: 669€

Our price includes:

  • Instructors (former members of special forces units)
  • Ammunition 500 rounds (9mm Luger)
  • 2 nights in the hotel Perla (with breakfast)
  • 2x lunch at range
  • Equipment (pistol – Glock 17, eyes protection, ear protection etc.)


Course description and objectives

Participants are trained to work with a gun in high-crisis defense situations and under the influence of stress factors and then obtain combat and mental superiority. Tactical skills, safety, accuracy and speed in defensive situations obtained during the course are achieved by a wide variety of exercises and pistol shooting drills.

Course is focused on the element of individual and contains 3D scenarios. Participants of the course will work in simulated high-crisis defensive situations with the induction of stress and crisis factors that will simulate a real defensive situation.

Content of course

  • Initial Reaction
  • Shooting from unconventional and non-standards positions
  • Acquiring combat superiority
  • Concept and context of defensive shooting
  • Crisis Situation, Individual element
  • 3-D scenario-based exercises – High-crisis situations, stress factors