Attractions nearby

Čachtice castle

The castle represents splendid ruins giving possibility of enjoying the exquisite outlook on the vicinity. The legend of the bloody and merciless Bathory countess caused the castle to be called the Mysterious Castle of the Carpathian Mountains. Čachtice is famous thanks to Elizabeth Báthory, who lived here on the border of the 16th and 17th century.

Beckovský Castle

is one of the guards of castle. It was mentioned at the turn 12.a13. th century Chronicle of Anonymus, and confirmed the existence of archaeological research. It was a royal castle, who ruled fairly extensive estate. His great belonged to Mr. Matus Cak Trencin

Trenčín Castle

On the locality of today´s castle was built a bulwark in the times of Great Moravia, serving as a community centre. Contemporary castle arose in the 11th century as a borderland stronghold


Museum of Military History Piešťany

There is opportunity to see unique collection of dozens of pieces like cannons, wheeled vehicles, rail, anti – aircraft military equipment as well as aircrafts. In two hangars, there are two thirds of the collections, the rest is placed outside.