Assault Rifle Level 1 + Level 2

Choose from following platforms:

  • AK-47/AKM – Price:  550€
  • vz58 Platform – Price: 550€
  • AR15 / M4 Platform  – Price:  670€

No Gun License Needed
Length of the course: 2 days / 12 hours
Number of participants: 6-12
Time and Meeting point: 8am, Nove Mesto nad Vahom

Our price includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • English speaking Instructors (former members of special forces units)
  • Ammunition 400 rounds
  • 2x lunch at range
  • Equipment (assault rifle, eyes protection, ear protection etc.)
  • Transfer from hotel to the shooting range

Course description and objectives

You will be prepared for tactical and safe handling of assault rifle in defensive situations.

Here is the deal:
Even though you have never shot a weapon before, this course is suitable for you as well.
You will learn the basics of weapon-mechanic, safety procedures and very soon you get to know how to handle this carbine with higher confidence.
From basic single shots to advanced skills which will reduce your reaction time and therefore you will be able to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy.
You will be prepared how to handle the most tactical shooting situation including tactical reload or f.e. how fix the malfunctions in the field.

At the end of the course besides great experience you get the certificate of completion.
Course is available also for law enforcement officials.


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*In case of group (min 6 persons) a different date can be chosen.


Content of course

  • Familiarization with weapons used during the course
  • Safety check
  • Disassembling and reassemble of weapons
  • Positioning of equipment and weapon systems
  • Grip, Stance, shooting mechanics
  • Ready position
  • Immediate reaction
  • Draw Weapon aiming on the target
  • Combat focus
  • Different positions target shooting
  • Speed reload
  • Weapon malfunctioning
  • Tactical reload
  • Situation evaluation
  • Multiple target shooting
  • Shooting check and evaluation/ area check
  • Shooting and movement
  • Clearing rifle malfunctions

AK-Platform video

Vz58 carbine